Illuminating the Craft of Stain Glass with @annahitahessami

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“Stained glass artists today use the same techniques to produce modern works that medieval craftsmen used through history,” explains Annahita Hessami (@annahitahessami), who established her London stained glass studio in 2011. “The techniques of the trade have barely changed at all.”

Recently, Annahita paused production of her more traditional stained glass creations to work on several pieces for Brooklyn artist Beau Stanton (@beaustanton). “Beau found me on Instagram and approached me to make a series of seven panels for an upcoming show called Tenebras Lux.” Debuting within the Crypt of St. John the Baptist in Bristol, UK, before moving to London, the show draws from and repurposes classical and medieval religious iconography.

(Source: instagram)