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The Sweetly Scary Creations of @scotthove

To see more from Scott Hove’s strange and beautiful cake-themed series, follow @scotthove on Instagram.

The sweet but sinister works of Los Angeles artist Scott Hove (@scotthove) are characterized by fierce jaws and other dangerous elements ensconced in ornately decorated cakes. “Are these themes in conflict or in harmony?” asks Scott, who seeks to at once draw-in and repel with his creations.

“Cake decorating is not normally associated with the fine arts,” explains Scott, “but when I saw the emotional power of the medium, it was apparent it needed further investigation.” With that, Scott’s “Cakeland” series was born. While his works of art are not edible, Scott’s methods—chronicled on Instagram in great detail—are drawn from baking. As he explains, “I enjoy learning diverse traditional decorative techniques as a hobby and applying them to my art.”

How the Federal Reserve regulates inflation

1. If the total amount of currency circulating increases faster than the total value of goods and services in the economy, each individual piece will be able to buy a smaller portion of those things than before. This is called inflation.

2. On the other hand, if the money supply remained the same while more goods and services were produced, each dollar’s value would increase, in a process known as deflation.

3. So which is worse? Too much inflation means that the money in your wallet will be worth less tomorrow, making you want to spend it today. While this stimulates business, it also encourages overconsumption or hoarding commodities like food and fuel, raising their prices and leading to consumer shortages as well as more inflation.

4. But deflation makes people want to hold on to their money. The decrease in consumer spending reduces business profits, which leads to more unemployment and a further decrease in spending, causing the economy to keep shrinking.

So most economists believe that while too much of either is dangerous, a small consistent amount of inflation is necessary to encourage economic growth. The Fed uses vast amounts of economic data to get the numbers just right in order to stimulate growth and keep people employed without letting inflation reach disruptive levels. 

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